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The cannabis industry is rapidly growing and will continue to grow since most countries are legalizing its use. App stores platforms such as App Store and Google Play have banned the selling of cannabis-related applications.

As a result, this soon led to the creation of weed social media platforms to benefit cannabis users and sellers. Social media allows one to collaborate, share, and communicate with potential clients, leading to the growth of your product.

These platforms provide you with the latest information about everything you need to know about the cannabis industry. 

These platforms have connected thousands of like-minded people online. Cannabis social networks allow you to interact with people who have the same interests as you.

Whether you want to purchase or sell marijuana products, we got you covered. You can use a cannabis SEO company to grow your online presence. Check out some of the best weed social media platforms on the internet.


With more than 1 million users, MassRoots is one of the first weed social media platforms created to connect college students. Research revealed that most of the students are cannabis users, and they are often searching for the best weed dispensaries in their location. 

The developers of this app made it ideal for deploying cannabis products for both dispensaries and companies. One of the best features of this platform is that it encourages cannabis users to provide feedback through writing their experience rather than doing it through forums. You can post any content or material related to cannabis. Sometimes, you’ll find photos of different cannabis strains and how-to guides to help newbies learn various things related to cannabis. Additionally, users are encouraged to actively engage with the site through schemes such as festival passes and concert tickets. 

The best description for this social media platform would be a total weed lifestyle application geared towards multimedia sharing and helping cannabis enthusiasts connect. The best part is: The app allows users seeking friends to expand their smoking circles to filter their results based on greater area or local area. 


Founded in 2018, LeafWire is known by many as the LinkedIn of the cannabis industry. This cutting-edge weed social media platform connects entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis economy. It provides information such as market data, news, processes, and plans to most cannabis-related companies. The platform also provides the necessary information weed users need to know about the companies in the cannabis industry and their product strains and prices. 

In addition, it consists of a marketplace where one can create a listing of the services you can offer to other cannabis-related companies. This innovative marketplace enables the whole cannabis ecosystem to connect, as well as exchange knowledge and opportunities. You have to sign up to start using this weed social media platform. 

Based in Denver, Colorado, this platform provides opportunities for cannabis companies seeking clients and users seeking the best cannabis-related companies near their location.


The WeedTube is more or less like a variation of the famous YouTube application. This weed social media platform was founded in 2018 after a group of deleted YouTubers were seeking a new place to call home. Arend Richard revealed that one of their goals is to give cannabis products the best image worldwide. TheWeedTube is the best place for cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for content related to cannabis.

It is also one of the safest places for cannabis users and sellers who want to share information secretly and earn some cash. TheWeedTube allows cannabis-related companies to advertise their marijuana products and grow their businesses. 

Buddy Jane

Buddy Jane closely resembles the Instagram social media app. At Buddy Jane, you can create a unique profile, follow friends, chat with friends, post content, shop, and create live shows just as in Instagram Stories. The weed social media platform offers discounts and connects users within the cannabis community. It can also help you expand your business reach. 

In other words, this app will help boost your cannabis social network to the next level. At the moment, this cannabis social media platform is available only on the App Store. Whether you have a business or you’re just looking to connect with other cannabis users, this platform can make your life easier.


GrowDiaries is one of the highly favored social media platforms for cannabis growers. It enables growers to compare their yields with the yields of other members on the platform and keep close track of the marijuana growth cycle.

Here’s the kicker: Members can ask for advice through the chat platform to perfect their growth cycle process. For those new to the growing process, GrowDiaries provides them with helpful information and great advice from veteran cannabis growers who use the platform more frequently. The information you get will help you improve your growing techniques, avoid mistakes, and keep your client base updated on your process.

MJLink was launched on January 1, 2013; it is one of the largest cannabis social networks for business owners and users. This cannabis social media platform features four separate and unique business networks. What’s more? You can share events, pictures, and videos related to cannabis enterprises. The best part is: This platform allows you to connect with thousands of different business brands and entrepreneurs. 

MJLink provides users with a wide range of services, including accounting, insurance, and banking. For those looking for a social media platform that can help them connect with potential business partners, MJLink is the best option. It is designed for cannabis enthusiasts who want to grow their business and prosper without legal implications. They have a massive network that can help connect you with other cannabis fans. The bottom line is: MJLink is a reliable place to market your marijuana business and find like-minded individuals.

GrassCity Forums 

GrassCity Forums is based in Amsterdam and is one of the world’s top online stores. It mainly deals with smoking accessories and cannabis products. GrassCity Forums has approximately 700,000 customers from the United States. It generates over 90% of its revenue from American clients.

This cannabis social network is suitable for cannabis enthusiasts who love talking about marijuana. They have recently launched GrassCity mobile app to allow users to access the platform through their smartphones and tablets. With the mobile app, you can easily access all the latest information regarding the recent cannabis legislation and politics. Grasscity has also added a marijuana news section and dispensaries  in the United States.


WeedMaps was designed and created to help marijuana consumers to find cannabis stores and local dispensaries around their location. This has made it a destination for dispensary cannabis SEO. In other words, it is ideal for those in cannabis-related businesses that want to have a presence on this app and serve cannabis enthusiasts online.

With a dispensary, you can post some of the deals and promotions available. Also, it is possible to set up an online ordering system through the online networking platform. Lastly, WeedMaps is more than just maps: You can access and read reviews of different brands and strains.


WeedLife social network has managed to gain popularity among cannabis enthusiasts at an astonishingly fast rate. It features the latest news feed, where you can educate yourself about the newly-opened marijuana companies and see what products they deal with. There are also forums and chat groups that allow you to see what other cannabis enthusiasts share about marijuana products. 

WeedLife online networking social media is still undergoing upgrades; these upgrades will improve its functionality and provide users with marketing capabilities that will help them increase their annual revenue and brand visibility. If you own a cannabis business or brand, you only need to create your page on WeedLife social media to advertise your product photos and offers. 

High There

High There cannabis social network has combined all your favorite social networking platforms to create a unique and special networking app. It does not matter if you are new to the cannabis community or a veteran, this platform always has something exciting for its users. 

For instance, this networking platform provides business people with several networking opportunities, ranging from investment ideas, career advice, and the best tools to build connections in the cannabis industry. High There is known to make your passion for cannabis grow. The app is available in Google Play and Apple’s App Store for free.


CannaSOS business networking media gets over 400,000 visitors monthly. One of the best features of this media is its strain review database which has thousands of cannabis strains. Also, it includes detailed information about each strain, medical effects, CBD and THC content levels. Additionally, it has an accessible database that contains different marijuana strains and the dispensaries in your area.

 If you have any questions regarding marijuana products or cannabis news, this platform will connect with other marijuana users and make your journey a breeze. You can also run ads on the user-friendly platform to help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Kushcommon is an international business social media platform located in Denver. KushCommon focuses on connecting weed enthusiasts through blog posts, videos, and music tracks. Also, members of the site can share personal comments on certain marijuana product strains, sources, and vendors.

Smoke Network

Smoke Network’s business social media platform initially began as a group on Facebook. It was banned several times from Facebook without any reasonable explanation. Unlike other cannabis-related social media platforms, Smoke Network offers unique services that you won’t find anywhere.

The platform provides a great avenue for weed-based companies to create a thriving social media presence without worrying about the content they post being banned or censored. Smoke Network offers cannabis brands and users a safe place where they can share cannabis-related content.


Weed Circles is one of the most popular social media for networking. For good measure, it is a combination of Google and LinkedIn. This networking media is filled with circles of cannabis entrepreneurs starting from dispensary owners, vendors, and even growers. If you own a cannabis-related business or company, you can easily promote your product on WeedCircles’ online networking platform. Joining this social network is free of charge. WeedLife is the owner of this weed social media platform. 


Duby was created to provide a safe platform for cannabis enthusiasts. It came in handy back then when cannabis was illegal in almost all countries in the world. Weed lovers can now post and connect without having to worry about any legal implications. Best of all, Duby has launched an app that allows you to connect with hundreds of thousands of weed lovers on the go. 

Nothing makes it easier for users to network and connect than stories and videos. Even though Duby is not designed as a business social media, it has exciting opportunities for cannabis-related businesses.


Weedable networking social media is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to join the weed online industry. The platform allows you to post, follow, and shop for your favorite strain. They are planning on launching a mobile app soon. Once the app is launched, it will help boost the cannabis social network to a successful level.

Bud Hubz

This weed social media platform is like Foursquare, except that it caters to weed users. At Bud Hubz, you will find accommodations, headshops, the best dispensaries, and cannabis doctors online. Once you become a member of this platform, you’ll get the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and get recommendations from the top cannabis shops in your area. 


To sum up, the cannabis market is increasing at a fast rate. While you can use social media platforms to reach clients, Dispensary SEO Pros can help you grow your online presence fast and boost your conversions. We use organic channels to bring in traffic to help your cannabis business grow. 

We provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our services include link building, cannabis SEO, dispensary SEO, technical SEO audits, anon-pad ge search engine optimization. Feel free to drop us a line to find out how we can help your cannabis business grow.

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